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    Hey everyone, have been applying for a few of these jobs and already had some telephone interviews. Anyone got any advice for future interviews, or even about the job role itself?

    Something they asked me at one point, that I stumbled on, was "what sort of problems do you think a RC might face?" - any ideas from those with experience will be welcomed.


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    thank you.

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    if anyone could answer my "day to day problems" question id be most grateful, cant really see much in the other thread. Cheers.

    the fact those you are trying to put in employment see you as a scum sucking bottom feeder? I sit next to one such contractor.

    I was a rc for 3 years, its a tough but rewarding job at times.

    My day to day problems, the main one was obv filling positions with the RIGHT applicant, its easy putting 20 people forward but if you take some time and get 2/3 really good people instead it wins 9 times outta 10.

    We did a lot of temporary work too, being on call and getting callls at 6am with guys phoning in sick getting a replacement etc. was also a struggle !

    Asking the right questions at the initial interview and being a good judge of character is essential.

    Its a great job, hard but rewarding, you can also make good money.

    Good luck tho hope it works out

    However people being people be prepared to be let down a lot !
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    thank you very much darryl12312
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