Recycle VHS tapes

    Does anybody know what to do with them? I work for a charity shop and we have hundreds and hundreds of them.



    Put them in plastic recycling maybe!!

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    There is more than just plastic in them, council wont take them. I wondered if anybody was aware of somewhere that delt with them properly?

    Sorry cant help (pointless reply of the week)
    But did you know that just one VHS burns with the same intensity as a sofa??
    I remember seeing a thing on TV by the fire service saying what a danger these things were and at the time my kids bedrooms were full of them.:w00t:
    I wouldnt recommend burning them as i imagine the tape would give off potentially dangerous fumes.
    Best to contact your local council amenities dept and see what they recommend.

    i wonder how much money has been spent on buying video tapes for them to be binned, i was at the tip last week & there were 100's of them,the bloke couldnt give them away !

    There are a couple of links in this that may be useful, Not sure if you near London but if you are they will collect min of 100 off you.
    Otherwise the other link you can post to them…spx

    local hospital not take em?

    some old ppls home may take them not keen to take anything over a 15 rateing


    local hospital not take em?

    thats a good idea. A few years ago when I was gutting my sons room I had over 200 vhs and charity shop very politely asked me to find another home as they just couldnt take anymore tapes. In the end we took the two video recorders and all but the cartoon tapes down to the local old folks home and they just loved that.
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