Recycled products Survey

    I am currently doing a business plan and i need as many people as possible to fill this. I hope this is ok to do this on this website

    I dont gather any personal details in this Survey…tml [U…pro


    Hi Marc,
    I have a couple of suggestions, you have a few spelling errors in your Survey and if people need to write in a box they are going to pick the option that requires less 'work', so you may not get the 'correct' responses from people.
    If it was just a tick Survey, I'd have completed it, but I can't be doing with have to write in a box. Soz.

    Done didn't take 5 minutes. There isn't really that much writing infact apart from my age I think I only typed in 1 box :?

    Filled it in. I agree the frequent spelling errors don't make it look very professional though!

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