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Recycling for profit..where do you go? (Aluminium)

Posted 27th Nov
Had a look online & the old scrap merchant has "gone" (likely newish rules & regs or retirement).

Either way I now have 7.5kg of aluminium in cans, foils, trays etc all taking up space.
Apart from looking at the website of Affiliated (whatever) scrap industry all the folk on their listings are miles from me.

Question is therefore where can I go these days legitimately to swap metals for money in the bank? (it's no longer cash due to iffy sorts).

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Just go to your nearest scrap yard with photo ID, proof of address and bank details and they will pay you by BACS.

Bear in mind that scrap prices fluctuate and different grades have different values. You may want to speak to them before weighing it in.
Yeah understood, I just couldnt find much in the way of local scrappers in previous searches (for unknown reasons) ..but now found a decent site that lists with filters.


Doesn't your local council have recycling centres where you could get rid of the aluminium?

We have fortnightly collections for cans.

Have you checked what your 7.5kg is worth? I'd guess around £4 at most.
Yes basically scrap prices unless it’s copper or rare metals are pretty poor so probably not worth the effort of weighing it up and taking it them. Better to just recycle it in your local supermarket.

As I thought 40-50p a kilo. Hardly worth the effort.
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Is this an option
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When your kid has been saving it you tend to assist them.

for every process involved in re-processing aluminium it apparantly go's up in value 4x over (or more)
Besides if we do trade it in, she gets a few quid, we know the initial value / cost based on market & learn something.

As i'm passing nearby the one I found locally it's better in our pockets than filling the recycling bin for "Amey" to profit off.
I think it's around £1,000 per tonne, or £1 per kg
Better than a kick in the teeth, seen threads here on hukd going ballistic over a penny off beans (type thing).
Just ask your local Roma gypsy!
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