Red 360 elite - Chris Redfield figurine

    Has any one else here pre ordered the red 360 elite from game? Just asking as i just got an email from stating that there are a select few who are getting a limited edition Chris Redfield figurine - just wanted to know what it looked like or any info on it because i cant find anything on their site


    The figure might be 7" tall, it's the middle one obviously:

    There's some collectors' edition sets on google images, look like this:

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    Cheers, i wasnt sure if it was the same as the collector edition:thumbsup:

    That collectors edition is the US one.
    All we are getting is a steelbook.

    This is a pic of the figurines that GAME are giving out.

    Also, if you got the email, how come you didnt see that pic right next to the writing?

    Or should I say...what he said^^^

    Good post D3000.

    Yeah got the same email, there was an image included, lol.

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    Yeah, couldnt access the image away from home - so thought i would ask here

    got the figurine today (free one from game) its pretty good looks a lot better than the picture but is very dinky , pretty surprised that they posted it separate from the game. Just gotta wake for the game to come now
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