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    Hi guys, i read about this on the bbc news website, red balloon are looking at building a building that will give help and support to young children that are victims of bullies, in Liverpool. It will be a rememberence for James Bulger, which i am sure like i everyone was shocked at such an horrifc crime. they need to raise money and i contact red balloon to see how i could donate to the project. i though i would post thison here as maybe some of you guys would like to help also. I dont think we need to be living in Liverpool to help this charity its more for who the building is going to be rembered for.…ger


    What has bullying got to do with James Bulger? Was it not kidnapping?

    These Justgiving sites can be set up by anyone, What is the registered charity name and where can I donate 'officially'?

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    i emailed red balloon direct when i read about it on the bbc news website i have attached the response i got back from them, and thats where i got the web address of just giving. i do hope this is not a sick scam as i have sent this to all i know as i still get upset of the thought of what that little boy went through (being a mum now myself). i have to agree though i though why the bullying side of things, buti think they are doing it more as esther rantzen got involved and could not believe there was nothing in james memorial. - i have also copied in the email i originally sent.

    Dear Keli

    Firstly, may I apologise for the delay in responding to your email and secondly may I thank you so much for your very kind offer to make a donation to the James Bulger Red Balloon Centre. With regard to the building we are looking to purchase and all donations will help us to not only achieve this but also give us the funds we need to make any changes and purchase equipment and resources.

    If you would like to make a donation, you can do so online by going to…ger. The process is self explanatory and the site is secure so any payments made are safe.

    Many thanks for your offer,

    With very best wishes

    Jane Stace
    PA to Chief Executive/

    I have just read on the BBC News Website that you will building a centre in the memory of James Bulger, could you tell me if you are looking for donations in order for this build to go ahead and if so how can I go about making a donation. If the build is being funded and does not require a donation, could you then advise how I can donate to the organisation, but in particular I would like to help the new Liverpool Centre.

    Many thanks and kind regards

    Keli Byrne

    This is an official plan, it was officialy announced on what would have been Jamies 18th Birthday, they say he was the ultimate victim of bullying due to the evilness of the killers, what they did was bullying to the extreme. There are several other buildings of this project around the country.

    It is going to be a school for kids who have been so badly bullied, they can no longer go to main stream schools. they need a million pound to open it, after that Liverpool County councill are going to pay for students to go there, so it then becomes self suffiencent
    taken from…hed

    Bulger memorial appeal launchedBulger memorial appeal launched
    Red Balloon - Liverpool launches an appeal for £1,000,000!
    A new Balloon is being planned in Liverpool. Esther Rantzen, President of Childline and Patron of Red Balloon, has spearheaded meetings with local authorities, media personalities and legal experts. A press conference to launch this appeal, chaired by Bernard Hogan-Howe, Chief Constable of Merseyside, is to be held at the Radisson SAS Hotel on Friday 14th March at 9.30 am.
    For more information, ring 01223 366052.…ece…stm…tml

    Posted by Red Balloon on 1st Mar 2008

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    thanks kitten13,

    no problem Keli
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