Red Bull Cola

    Someone please enlighten me as to how I can (online or offline) possibly buy this in bulk/BOGOF/as cheap as possible?


    Does this taste nice as have not tried it as not seen it in any shops near me only in pubs, and as pubs sell beer I wont buy it there.

    It is quite nice - but it's not a Coke flavour - more of a rola cola type of taste. it's made with things like mustard, ginger, vanilla etc - don't believe me, check the side of a tin.

    Best thing to do is to check with your local red bull rep - the one's who supply shops. phone redbull and ask them

    this is a terrrible drink...

    Its not full of dodgy acids, its more like a herbal cola...if you like, I quite like it I found it far more refreshing that Pepsi or Coke

    £1 a can is the cheapest I have found...

    Unreal that people buy this stuff at this price.

    It tastes like Mr Freeze cola ice poles (or cheap coke like Panda Pops) if I remember right

    Try your local ]Booker (or other Cash and Carry).

    you can try, booker, mackro, bestway, costco.
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