Red Dead Redemption or Battlefield Bad Company 2?

    Im going into Meadowhall tomorrow to buy a game, but im not sure which one I should buy.
    What do you think guys Red Dead or Bad Company 2?

    And also what are the pros and cons of each?



    totally different games, can't compare them

    Original Poster

    yeh but which do guys think is better?


    red dead redemption multiplayer is terrible. i though the single player was average at best, but i seem to be in a minority there. personally i would get bad company just for the replay value and multiplayer side to it.

    Can't go wrong with either!


    played both and BC2 is much better and cheaper so get that and by the time you have finished it, RDR will probably be cheaper too.,

    BC2 is great fun. Amazingly its so different to MW2. Took some getting used to but had alot of fun with it! For the multiplayer online its ace. Depends what sort of game you are into tho mate.
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