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    Right, i'm doing an Media Essay on the representation of Ethnicity within video games and decided Red Dead was perfect because of the Americans being percieved as bandits and cowboys. Just wondering if anyone can remember specific things/missions in the game where they stereotype americans into being bandits/hooligans as it was some time ago when i played it.



    wouldn't the GTA series be a better choice? There are loads of different ethnicites represented throughtout, give you more material to work on

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    Yeah but not aloud to use the GTA series as we used them in the exam

    Surely if you are looking for representations of ethnicity in games you shouldn't choose to study the Americans as they are the majority. There is lots of Mexican and native American generalisations especially when the Americans assume the native Americans are savages.

    There is the stereotypical drunk irish guy thrown in for good measure. X)

    The Saboteur could be quite a good one to use, Irish, English, French, and German steriotypes abound throughout it

    Mafia 2 as well

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    There is the stereotypical drunk irish guy thrown in for good measure. X)

    Perfect!! Exactly what im looking for, cheers mate!

    Thanks for your help guys, you can keep it coming!
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