Red Dwarf Starbug LEGO Idea - needs your votes!

Posted 16th Feb 2020Edited by:"Maevoric"…892

For those not familiar with the Lego Ideas Site, it is a forum for the public to submit ideas for future commercially available lego kits (which people can vote on).

Saw this in this weeks metro and think it's a good design (I realise it leaves a little to be desired in terms of aesthetics but it has opening compartments with rooms inside):


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    I like it that it's Red Dwarf but wouldn't buy and think it too niche to sell well. Not quite Star Wars is it.
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    I just want the Skutter
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    I realise this is two years later but my brother just sent me this one! Red Dwarf Sleeping Quarters
    (urgh, can't get the link to work)
    47661129-cCYd3.jpg (edited)
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    If we are all talking About red dwarf. One feels we are all a bit old to be playing with Lego. But I'm like Dave, so I won' t say much 😃
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    It would be a good moc.
    Not sure too many sets have that many green pieces though.
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    Love Lego ideas sets but really dislike this one - no vote from me
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