Red light cameras

Found 16th Nov 2017
I did the stupidest/most dangerous error ever. I mistook the green filter light for me to go when it was red for me. Luckily no other car was crossing at the time and pedestrians were still waiting.

Im cringing as we speak and grateful nothing dangerous hppened but does anyone know if i would have been caught by anything? Afaik there isnt any red light cameras in the area.

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don't worry about it, enjoy life, if it comes just pay it
jonmarz893 m ago

don't worry about it, enjoy life, if it comes just pay it

gah it was terrible, the irony is that im the one usually advocating safe attentive driving, using dashcams n stuff.
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My partner did similar the other day, an area she didn't know and a passenger who was very distracting.. Tried to find out more on the internet but it seems to have different information, some say red light cameras flash? is that true?

Can't say i've ever seen one flash but they may just never have caught anyone when im there
look on google strret view is there even a camera there?
From what I read not long ago some cameras have been switched off due to costly maintenance. However they have been kept in place for awareness.

It’s horrible when you know you made a mistake and feel bad for the mistake you done. I’m sure we all been there. Like already mention just wait to see if you receive anything in the post.
Some numpty almost ran me over the other day, I was about 1/3 of the way across a zebra crossing, and then a car decided to drive right in front of me, I mean seriously?
I am all in favour of people getting retested too, there are far too many complacent drivers out there.
At least you are honest enough to fess up and admit your mistake.

We are all human - well most of us anyway - and are prone to making mistakes and I'm sure you will, for the short term, remember this and the location and by doing so drive more cautiously

It's people like you who don't need fines (or re-taking the driving test) yes you made a mistake, nobody got injured, nobody suffered loss.

The one's that don't care about jumping a red light, the ones that do it intentionally and put other lives at risk that need heavy fines, forced retake of driving test after lengthy bans but unfortunately because of Tory policies that have only helped the rich have cut back policing and other resources etc which means that these inconsiderate drivers are becoming an increasing danger to every road user.

Just look at the recent article regarding VED - the government informed us by using electronic/paperless VED they would save £10m - in fact they've lost out on £107m from 755,000 unlicensed vehicles last year


Tories again showing that cutting costs is good for everyone - when will they cut out tax evasion/avoidance
I've seen these two cameras flash in the recent past when people have gone through them late,

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