red nose day, crazy clothes day at school

    my son's school has decided to have a crazy hair and crazy clothes day in aid of red nose day, we've all managed to sort out coloured hair sprays but we're stuck on crazy clothes ideas.
    so i thought i'd pick the brains of the wonderful people on here
    there are 17 boys in his class and 15 girls
    girls are mostly sorted , some of the boys are sorted wearing footie kits mixed matched, but the others dont have a clue bless em lol and us as parents are stumped LOL


    How's about wearing jeans and a top (shirt?) backwards?? My son (9) is wearing his pj's and dressing gown

    at my daughters school they all have to wear their clothes backwards on friday

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    the had PJ day last year, back to front the year before but good ideas thanks

    My Daughter is dressing as a Ladybird, the theme for her school on Friday is red!
    what about wearing your clothes inside out, or your undies on the outside?

    Omg , i am the same !!!............why do they do this to us parents ??, lol, still just getting over the frantic panic of world book day !!.......i am like you , got the hair bit sorted ( daughter wants her waistline hair backcombed and sprayed several colours !) thats me up an hour earlier than normal then oO, son will just go with the flow and let me spray his hair ( if i can get him to stand bloody still , lol ).........oh and they have just sprung it on us they have to dress up in green on thursday ( st patricks day oO ) and have to bring a pound for the privilige .............although i dont mind as all proceed are going to Japan :).


    How's about wearing jeans and a top (shirt?) backwards?? My son (9) is … How's about wearing jeans and a top (shirt?) backwards?? My son (9) is wearing his pj's and dressing gown

    Our school done this last year , or might of been the year before when it was Beatles theme too ...........tbh , ive lost bloody count now with school , there is always something going on requiring dressing up etc !!..............but dont mind , kids enjoy it ............( i dont , lol )

    Sooo glad we didnt have to dress up for world book day. A few months ago, they had to go as a famous author and my son wanted to go as the sun football reporter!!

    my daughter is wearing a wig, cardigan back to front baggy short trousers with odd socks and her pants over the top! and obviously a red nose

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    we didnt have to dress up for book day, they had an author come and explain to the older kids how to write stories which was great fun.
    yes there is always a reason these days for the school to drop it on us a few days before lol. great ideas so far guys keep em coming

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    going for the punk look , sprayed coloured hair, skull t-shirts and ripped sprayed jeans!
    thanks for all the ideas guys
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