Red Riding Trilogy

    What is it? keeping seeing it advertised on C4


    got a link to the ad? don't watch much tv

    think its 3 seperate programmes on different things the filmed one of em in my village so i presume one of em is to do with miners strikes in 80s

    Trailer ]here

    Did anyone watch this?

    For all the hype C4 had with it I must admit I was very dissapointed, although visually it was quite a feast I felt the story was devoid of flow and felt like a bad MTV music video in the way the whole plot unfolded.

    Acting was good with some strong performances, but overall felt disjointed and without purpose I kept waiting for a real sense of 'This will launch into something great in a minute' which never came.

    Just felt like typical C4 all production and no susbstance..

    Meh, see what the next instalment brings

    i watched 10minutes and was bored to tears.
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