RED & training to be a drving instructor

    My mates just been made redundant and is signing up to train as a driving instructor, he's said he's initially going with red as they provide a car and sort the tax out ect. if it all goes well he'll go off on his own at some pointdown the line.

    They have offered him a £3,000 interest free loan (for 12 months) to pay for the training which is through barclays train 2 gain.

    Havn't really got any more details - just wondered if anyone on here had already tried this or already does driving instructing for a living?

    Thanks for any info,


    just wanted to say wish him luck in his new career

    make sure you read the small print

    thats £250 pm to pay back, lessons are what £20 an hour, so thats 12 hours a week before you make any money for yourself, thats if you get paid and started up within the year, otherwise they whack on the interest.

    Im also sure that if you leave the company after being qualified before a certain amount of time you will have to pay them aswell

    id be wary of taking on a loan at the start of training, but i wish him luck and hope it works out x

    My mates just done this and he's already recouped his loan amount in just over 5 months. The amount of people wanting to drive is phenomenal especially teens booking block courses

    my brother in law did this with BSM. worst mistake he ever made. they don't guarantee a minimum number of lessons per week. he was sometimes working for nothing .


    Sounds a lot. As someone said £250 a month for the loan....

    ..but then how does he get work? Does he have to advertise himself? What's in it for Red? Do they take a cut of the earnings? I am sure they do. Then there's fuel costs which could easily be £100 a week if he does lots of lessons. Then insurance, probably at least £2,000 a year.

    My advice, keep well away from RED (by the way - earnings UPTO £30,000/year - you would have to charge an uncompetitive rate to do that or work every hour god sends, and don't forget to take off all your costs)

    Original Poster

    thanks guys, I was worried about the loan payback too but if it starts to bring some money in then 3k isn't that much to find, if he only manages to pay off half of it in the 12 months then he'll be ble to find the other 1.5k from somewhere interest free (i.e. mates\family).

    Taking on loan issue without mates or family you'd have to assume your not gonna get many bookings at all really for 6 months while your doling your training and finding your feet\gtting bookings so then it's more like £500 a month to pay back before you start taking anything home.

    I was more worried about the training not working out because they are rubbish or something but him ending up stuck with the 3k loan and no money coming in at all and still no job!

    I guess theres gonna be a lot of small print to read thorugh.

    The advert on TV by the instructor training college mentions you can earn £30000 per year,they fail to mention if you have a franchise your costs for that will be approximately £200/week,fuel costs anywhere from £60 to £90/week dependant on the car you drive and how much work you do, that leaves about £15000 per year if you are lucky.

    No holiday pay or pension so you need to take that into account as well.

    Pass rates are low ,statistics by DSA show 6% of people that start the training actually become fully qualified.Some people can't get through the theory and hazard perception test for one reason or another.

    Some people can't pass the driving test,they either don't do sufficient training or they just don't have the skills required to pass,your driving needs to be of a particularly high standard.(This is not a normal driving test)

    Those who manage to pass the driving part of the test then go on in time to take the instructing test and many people fail on this part because of lack of teaching skills. You are only allowed to take the driving test and instructing test a maximum of 3 times.

    To become established in this business takes approximately 2-3 years.

    Assuming after what I have posted you still wish to train.I would look around for an Ordit approved trainer in your area that will train you on a pay as you go basis. Doing training on a pay as you go basis will possibly cost a little more than paying all the money up front,but it gives you flexibility in as much as if you get to a point where you feel you are not cut out for the job or you will not be able to reach your goal you will not have lost everything.Paying £3000 upfront to ITC or any other training establishment does not seem the sensible route as once you sign there is no way you would get your money back if you decided to stop the training and cancel your CONTRACT.

    with my brother in law, he wasn't alowed to advertise himself and could only accept work through BSM (of which they took a cut) plus he had to change the car every 10,000 miles. what was really weird was that he had to take his payments (in cash) to a service station 20 miles away once a week. initially he was luck if he had a dozen bookings a week from them, and they were all over the place

    dont forget, if you learn with these guys and work for them it will be a franchise so you will have to give them some of your earnings

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the answers, your posting quicker than I can read them - some mixed responses it seems.

    DanJ - I'll ask him to have a look into the hidden costs - some good points there.

    ilovepink - yeah 30k does seem to be just to get people in - from searching around it does seem possible though if your willing to work the hours.

    choc\wolf - two totally opposite responses next to each other, I'll send him a link to this anyway so the more info the better so he can make his mind up - do you mind me asking where your mate & Brother in law lived? just wondering if it's an area or country\town\city thing?


    we're in Bristol and my mate lives down the road from one the local colleges, .word of mouth etc means his diary is pretty much full.....

    Original Poster

    Thats interesting - my mate lives near quite a few collages so thats probably a plus point - the only people left with any disposable income!

    ilovepink - thanks for all the info - I'd go for the pay monthly plan too even if it does cost more - like you say it gives you the chance to back out!

    It's not my decision to make but he'll have a read of this and use the info you've given to help him make his mind up - cheers everyone - my rep thing seems to be playing up so it might be tomorrow before I hand it out.

    the brother in law lives at the top of the south wales valleys. very busy for learners but loads of driving instructors around as well.

    look at it this way

    £20 ph driving lesson x 5hrs a day = £100 per day (if you get 5 1hr lessons everyday, doubtful)
    x 5 days a week = £500 x 4 weeks (month) = £2000
    -£500 loan
    -petrol costs
    -insurance costs
    -franchise costs
    -car costs
    -tax, national ins etc etc


    look at it this way£20 ph driving lesson x 5hrs a day = £100 per day (if y … look at it this way£20 ph driving lesson x 5hrs a day = £100 per day (if you get 5 1hr lessons everyday, doubtful)x 5 days a week = £500 x 4 weeks (month) = £2000-£500 loan-petrol costs-insurance costs-franchise costs-tax, national ins etc etc

    my mate works 7 days a week at the moment....weekends aren't full days but just to cater for workers etc

    a 7 day working week sod that


    a 7 day working week sod that

    he enjoys it as a lot of teenage girls have lessons with him :whistling:

    his OH doesn't though but he really enjoys it........used to be a bus driver which he hated


    my brother in law did this with BSM. worst mistake he ever made. they … my brother in law did this with BSM. worst mistake he ever made. they don't guarantee a minimum number of lessons per week. he was sometimes working for nothing .

    My wife used to work for them. She was paying £325 a week for the car - crazy.

    She's now independent, understandably.

    this is what i mean hidden costs

    Wow, driving instructor = probably the worst job ever.

    wow another JFK thread zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring

    serious no h4te
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