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    I love red wine but know nothing about it...

    I normally go for the half price stuff in Sainsburys/Tesco, you know the 8-9 quid stuff down to 4 quid.

    But for a change, I have managed to acquire a few bottles that are of around 20 pound each in value.

    I am looking forward to a try tonight, but really want to enjoy them. I have one already in the lounge getting to room temperature, but should I open it now to allow to breath????

    Just undo the top??? And close again, or leave it open???

    Also I am tight and don't have the heating on yet, as I find it easier to grab another jumper.. Do I get a little jumper for the wine????

    I know HUD may not have many red wine drinkers.. (Maybe a few White Lightning drinkers), but would love some advice..

    Ta for now..


    yes let it breath will taste better , also big wine glass to and leave it open if your going to drink it all , but if not shut it for tommorow , lol no jumper need as will make it to warm lol

    Your on the slippery slope - you may have enjoyed the cheaper wines before but once you start on the more expensive wines theres no going back!!

    Also I once knew a bloke who had a restaurant and he said - dont believe what they say about always having to have red wine at room temperature. Try it chilled - its lovely.


    Original Poster

    If I open it now, to let it breath, it would be too tempting to start sipping... I do know that drinking in the house at 12:30 pm is a slippery slope to a serious problem.

    I may even do that slurping and snorting when I try it later.. (Like the experts.. lol)
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