REDBRIDGE: Body was dragged under bendy bus for 1 mile…php

    Rodes blocked off, took me 3 hours to get to work, because of this he was dragged for 1 mile

    My question is HOW can he get trapped between the wheels ?


    Beggers belief, and 21 as well.

    About time these busses are pulled from service what with all the problems they have caused recently.

    Fortunately I missed all the comotion this monrning, but was told about it when i got to work.

    Sad story:-(

    Original Poster

    lucky you wish i could of missed it, took me an hour just to get down ilford lane !!!! then another hour down green lane and so on.................

    This is just a sad story I hope they stop these stupid bus's

    Sorry but with the exception of dunno all you lot have thought of is yourselves in this and complained it has delayed you and that is WRONG. This is someones son/grandson maybe partner and father too. I find your comments sad and disrespectful, someone has died in tragic circumstances and all you can do is complain about the effect it has had on you. For all you know one of his family members/friends could be reading this thread.
    Please think before posting comments like these, how would you feel if it was you in this poor guys familys shoes????
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