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Redeem Nectar Points At Sainsburys Petrol Station?

Posted 10th May 2011
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone happen to know if you can redeem nectar points on fuel at sainsburys petrol stations?

I have quite a bit of points so thought it would make sense.

The Nectar site says yes but only at kiosks (which is fine), BUT someone i know has said she tried to redeem points recently and was told no, also did a little search on google and it's coming back with mixed results

Thought I'd ask on here as it would be more realistic

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I tried about 2 years ago and got told no. However, I mentioned this on here a few months ago and was told that you now could.
Yes you can
how much are they worth? i have about 1500 nectar points, if that helps?
1500 is £7.50 every 500 is £2.50
ooh. That sounds worthwhile. I've got about 24000 on mine! (free diesel fill up!)
just to update, I used my nectar card yesterday at my local sainsburys petrol station, however there's a few things that I need to point out :

You need to have used your nectar card at your local sainsburys within the last 3 months to be able to spend them. (I got told this by customer services)

Also you can only spend in £2.50 increments, so say you fill up with £16 of petrol you need to pay £1 cash or card as they cannot take just £16 off you nectar card.

I didn't know this as I'm used to using my card at Homebase where you can redeem any value of points there as long as it's over £10 in total.

Hope this helps people who is thinking of doing the same

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