Redmi 4 - NFC?

Found 15th Apr 2017
I'm looking at this -…d=4

But do these chinese phones not have NFC?
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No this phone doesn't unfortunately. I have just bought this from the store in Hong Kong and it is a great phone. I am extremely happy with it.
No Nfc and many Chinese phone are not licenced to use android pay even if it did have Nfc. I have the redmi note 3 and I plan to try that tesco app that allows you to pay by displaying a qr code on screen or whatever it is. I found Nfc useless really. Used on my old g4 with tags and paying for items and it was to much fumbling around for me.
Some of the Xiaomi Mi range does but the more budget Redmi range don't. Gearbest is strongly recommended against for phones though, they load them full of spyware and unofficial roms that never get updates.
Lenovo P2 has android pay and NFC...

Just saying....
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