redmi note 3 prime special edition

    has anyone who bought the redmi note 3 special edition a few months back updated to the update if so is your battery dying real fast as mine is, I just updated this morning because I got a update request, my battery was lasting almost 2 days but now it's only lasted 7-8 hours today


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    anyone with the phone that has not updated yet able to tell me what the last update was thanks

    I'm on and there's no update available (for me). You need to wait for the next update to fix this issue (others are complaining about the very same thing your're experiencing).
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    Got update this morning. It's now. All fine. I would turn off and back on again and let it charge overnight. See how you go tomorrow. The battery % is never very accurate and things seem to sort themselves out if you leave on charge for 4+hours without pulling power. Seems to calibrate battery monitor software.

    Updated this morning, battery still looks OK.

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    cheers everyone will keep it on charge for the night and hope for the best tomorrow

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    updated it last night again and left it on charge all night, seems to have improved the battery, if I get till tomorrow with it I will be happy

    Think a good charge will fix but for interest.. If you go to the security app that came pre installed on phone you will see battery option. Tap that and it will show you what's using battery. Always interesting to look
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