Posted 19th Jan 2023
I've googled but can't find anything useful so thought I'd ask here as there must be a few people with this phone. Ever since the latest update to MIUI 13.02 both mine and the wife's phones are laggy in normal use and regularly freeze so that the phone either reboots after a few minutes or we have to force a reboot by long pressing the power button, this probably happens 3/4 times a day, I've deleted stuff and have about 10/11g of storage and cleared apps of cache etc but it's made no difference, thanks in advance for any help before the phones get launched out of the window!
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    After doing a major OS update its normally a good time to do a factory reset and it generally runs much better after. Sometimes it doesn't update perfectly and there can be glitches, excessive factory usage etc. It sounds like a bit of a faff but it's not bad - if you're all backed up to Google you can do a reset and it'll restore all apps etc. It'll feel like a new phone after (in my experience anyway).

    I've been trying to update my note 9 pro to MIUI 13 but it fails after download, I googled it and people were complaining about lag but that was months ago, I would've thought they would've fixed most issues by now!
    Thanks that's looking like the only option I was just trying to avoid it due to extreme laziness
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    My wife's Note 9 has been fine on 13.02 (touch wood....)
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    Redmi 9 here. Updated to 13.0.1 the other day and now have the ads back on cleaner. All previous methods that removed them don't work. Any ideas?
    As soon as the cleaner starts to run hit the back button. The cleaner finishes and no adds appear.
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