Reduce the VAT on petrol and diesel to 5%, and freeze fuel duty for 5 years

    With soaring fuel prices, income through collection of VAT on petrol and diesel is dramatically increasing for the UK government.
    Now is the time to reduce VAT on petrol and diesel to 5% as per domestic gas and electricity. This would help the UK motorist and also begin to align prices with those across Europe.
    Also, we must have some stability in fuel prices, therefore we ask for a freeze on fuel duty for a minimum of 5 years.…at/

    Here is the facebook event, click share or add to your profile and tell your mates:…895



    Moved to misc as this isn't a deal

    If wishes were fishes.

    signed up but this isnt going to work, the government has us by the balls as we all need petrol, we can complain all we like but it hink every1 will still go out there and fill up


    its a waste of everyones time signing these downing street petitions. Since when has this government listened to the majority of the public (only minorities get heard!). A million signed the petition against road charging but that just got ignored.
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