Reduce your Pure Gym membership by 'upgrading'

Found 17th Oct 2014
I've been paying £18.99 at Pure Gym Bristol. After logging into my account it gives me the option to 'upgrade' my membership to single club access only for £15.99. This is no different to what I have now, so an instant saving of £3 per month. Worth checking if you're paying more than £15.99
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You've turned off your all club access then. So you've been overpaying for a bit?
Cheers mine worked from £17.99 to £15.99.
When I signed up I didn't have the option for single club access, merely the introductory rate which then went up to £18.99. At no point was I advised by Pure Gym that I could have single club access only for £3 less per month. Given there are no other Pure Gyms around here it's no loss to me. Just thought it was worth pointing out to others who may be in the same boat
When I signed up all club access was only £1 extra. Still no word on that proposed merger with Thegymgroup.
I heard it fell through because the competition commission wouldn't allow it
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