Reduced out of date food.

Found 23rd Dec 2007
Now I am happy to promote buying reduced foods as and when it is short dated. But I wonder if I am taking the matter too seriously when I start getting worked up at others antics.

I have watched in disbelief as shoppers raid the ambient fridges of reduced food items and fill their bulging trolley's with bright yellow stickered foods and then wheel the items round and round until the next reducing when they attack the poor assistant and demand that their already reduced stuff is reduced again. My argument is that if you take the food at the original reduced price you pay that price, not hoard it until it is reduced again.

Many times i would have been happy to pay the original reduced price but never get the oppertunity.

Other occasions I have witnessed people taking all the reduced foods and then discarding the items they didn't want around the store. Preventing others getting a look-in.

I wouldn't mind (I am aware it has nothing to do with me) if these people were poor or would benefit from these bargains but it's the same people every time who take everything. They are professional scavangers.
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hear hear.
Yep, awful greedy vultures. Agree with you totally
Yay its not just me then. I really hate that :x
I admit to going to a supermarket around 6.30pm to get cheap stuff. only once asked for something to be reduced further and that was as it originally was only being reduced 20p and it could of been reduced by over £2 had I waited a few minutes more.

Just put item back on shelf and left it.
Oops meant to say I put it back on the reduced shelf
I used to be that poor assistant. In the end, I got so fed up with it I used to walk around the whole store with my 'pets' following behind me. It was the funniest thing you've ever seen! I couldn't stand people asking me to reduce stuff. I never did it on request ( I would wait until they went and then do it).

Oops meant to say I put it back on the reduced shelf

lol, nearly caught yourself out there !

I always buy reduced food if I can and love Sunday morning 9:30 at Tesco's for the weeks reduced meat but I would never dream of doing what the Op says.

Back quite a few years I used to manage a supermarket and in those days we weren't open on Sundays. Consequently every Saturday afternoon we used to get loads of these vultures turn up complaining that stuff wasn't reduced enough etc etc.

We made a decision on a couple of weeks to not reduce anything but to have the staff at the chillers as though reductions were going to happen.
Great fun to watch (from a safe distance) !!!
Yeah its a pain its normally old people and especially old women who stand blocking anyone else from getting things then taking things out of the staffs hands.

Esp when say there was only 2 or 3 of one item reduced and they take them all.

I normally leave some, as for one I cant eat all I see and 2 well Im hardly going to eat loads of the same items before they go off.

Even more annoying when the said old people push a trolley in front of the shelf meaning no one else can go near.
People really do that?
yo bet there ass they do...

In this household of 4 we do our normal shopping and ontop of that me and my dad are bargain hunters i cover the web and my dad covers the local sainsburys now we arn't crazy in being greedy etc we buy what we will use or give to my granny and grandad.

But on christmas eve we call it the stoke run we go to the local sainsburys and they reduce perfectly good food for a less than a pound even a penny at times for fish and stuff, now i have a down and out friend who always misses out on things like these so i always buy him stuff and then my granny and grandad too and if i spot fish going nice and cheap i buy depending on kind and whethether its been fillited or not as believe it or not im a fully trained chef whois been in the industry and doesn't like it lol although i love cooking and eating fish as i have aload of my own stuff in my head,

As reguards greedy ******s lets say yes they are lots of them me and my dad spot them a mile away as its always the same people, like just to give some good examples "ginsters pies" i though ohh they would be great for work, the guy had just put about 30 of them out reduced from £2 each to 10p i grabbed 3 the woman in front grabbed the other 27, dad went to buy lamb or something was deciding on which one until guy came out with tray load of reduced he choose 2 and some woman grabbed them off him and he got them back, he used them the same day one for us one for the grandparents, he went back to grab another 2 as they were going for quater of the price he thought he could freeze them but low and behold the same woman who tried to snatch them off him had around 40 in her trolly.

You wouldn't belive the stuff ive seen around here and and experinced you can get the most richest people raiding the shelfs to resale the stuff in their shops or the better off people but when it comes to students etc the bigger people butt in, like one day where i was browsing the reduced section and finally found something id use i got knocked over by a TROLLEY some fat woman who did have the curotosy to say "what the hell are you at" lol when she rammed me on purpose and lifted everything of the shelf although it wasn't very nice as she did get thrown out of the store as i was actually just finished my shift there and security had seen it lol.

It goes on everywhere our local tesco reduced isle is known as the polish zone i don't mind that they arn't ignorant or anything, its just known as that so people know to back off and to buy what they can efford and not always go for something which people with very low incomes and non existant can efford.

im not gonna sit here and say im the richest of people as although i got a job in the royal mail for 3 weeks im still classified as a low income person, besides the fact ill be on the dole next week still doesn't mean anything when it comes down to it.

Sorry if the sounds like one of these luni rants but buying cheap isn't always good as at the end of it you end up fat and with a high risk of diabeites if you over do it.

*incase your wondering talking from experince 20stone here lol"
hmm sorry it seems like a word which wasn't even a swear word or curse word has been removed just to let you know i don't know why it was removed and it wasnt even a bad word but more like a word thats used around here that means horrible little people, just to clarify that as i don't curse or swear much and especially online for obvious reasonallys

I used to be that poor assistant. In the end, I got so fed up with it I … I used to be that poor assistant. In the end, I got so fed up with it I used to walk around the whole store with my 'pets' following behind me. It was the funniest thing you've ever seen! I couldn't stand people asking me to reduce stuff. I never did it on request ( I would wait until they went and then do it).

I've seen that happen and it's proper funny :lol: I have a quick scout on the old reducieeeed myself, hardly ever buy anything though, not like the good old days when I used to live on the stuff. Seems to me a lot of stores are getting a bit tight on the reductions. Saying that, if i'm ever in Ashford on a saturday night I like to pop into Asda and get a hot chicken for about £1:-D

People really do that?

I never knew that either!

I wouldn't dream of asking for items to be reduced, I always feel sorry and embarassed for the types that hover around the assistant reducing foodstuffs. :oops:
I'd be too embarrassed to hover tbh. But if i'm passing by and its reduced.... A bargains a bargain and i'm no snob:lol:
lol, begging for out of date bargains. Made me laugh.
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