reebok i-run treadmill in orange @ argos

Found 20th May 2009
i was after the i-run in orange which was on offer for £320. the deal finished yesterday. on checking it today, it is back upto £489.39 & it says current price valid until 16.06.09. does that mean that after that, it will be back on offer again? i know it has been on offer for as low as £244.00. thank you for your time.
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Your going to hate me for this, but if you want to run, run outside, it's more fun and you'll get fitter from it.
I run outside when I can but there are far too many weeks when I can't - and the I-run is just perfect for that.

When you have young children and your husband works late for 2 weeks - then there is no chance of getting out!
On the Argos availability of I - run , i seem to recall they had it on offer before and couldn't meet the orders, leaving people waiting for a long time - or substituting with a different machine on delivery - without any notice.

The delivery drivers knowing it was the wrong machine kept schtum - and people didn't find out until they opened up the packaging or unless they read the delivery note

Just be wary when you do order!

Good luck I hope you get it and please do post when you see the price drop - as I might be getting one myself
hmmmm, i have 6 children @ home so was planning to use it when they'd all gone to bed @ 9pm. i have an air walker / strider thing that i was given but it's too easy to over balance. when i had a gym membership, the treadmill was the piece of equipment i used the most. my eldest 2 are 12 & 13 so i'd like to encourage them to use it too.
I think it is a superb piece of equipment and great for women like us.

Also some people are just too embarrassed to try running on the streets.

I've been looking at getting one for ages - but my husband says I can't have one til I've cleared the garage.…J5A

£299.00 +£37.03 shipping!

A little more - but is said to be in stock!
6 kids!

My husband is a meany - he's just told me I can't have one.


I'll have to keep working on him.

6 kids! Jeez.

..........and what's ur point? :?
thank you butterflies, u've been very helpful. x
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