Reebook EasyTone or TrainTone trainers

    where i can buy cheap reebok easytone or traintone trainers ? black one the best Any experiance, are they worth buying ?


    Aldi and Lidl also selling similar soon.

    I've bought some in the Next sale (black ones), only worn them around the house. Nice trainers, don't look 'special'. I've sent back a size 5 so keep a look out for them coming back available online, lol.
    I've got fitflops too, still don't look like the girls in the adverts but I buy them for my bad back.

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    ordered from next thx a lot £40 grey one in my size 4

    mrsj2008 where you bought flipflops ?

    shudoo, sign up for their mailing list and every 6 weeks or so they send you a discount code.
    link here
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    ps. Boots have got some on sale at the moment too
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