Refer a friend free Sky + box (new customers.)

    Hi there!

    Ok so I want a free Sky + box, I'll be honest - and Sky are doing the 'refer a friend' thingy again which seems much more appealing than paying £199 for the box and installation! Unfortunately everyone I know has Sky so no possibility of using the referral there, so if anyone is thinking of joining Sky then message me and they can get a free Sky+ box, I can get a free Sky+ box and everyone will be happy!

    Thanks, Carrie xxx

    Ooh almost forgot - also great cashback on Quidco for new members!


    If you are in an area that is due to go digital soon, then Sky are offering Sky+ for £40 or so - even for existing customers. This is the deal that theya re offering in North Wales at the moment even though analogue is not due to be switched off until Oct-Dec 2009!

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    Thanks for the advice, I just checked and not due to switch until 2011 unfortunately :x

    my firend has sky and so do we, the sky is in my partners name so could he cancel and i phone as a new customer where my friend has referred me and get the free sky+?

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can do that, although remember there's still the £60 installation fee to pay.

    Did you get sorted Carrie? I'm looking to take a sky + subscription out...Matt
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