Referee Has A Stinker Of A Game!

Saw this review of a match in my local paper and it had me in stiches so I thought id share it. Sounded like a good non-league game this one. One of the players was getting his boots checked and farted in the refs face LOL ! Got him a yellow card for it... but he also got 10/10 in the players review and so got man of the match haha! Said he didnt mean it coz he had a dodgy curry the night before... but look at the ref... looks like a right old Hitler !! Anyway class... would have loved to have been there as supossedly the whole ground was cracked up.

Wasnt the only thing he got abuse for. Sending off a player coz he didnt believe the name he gave him was his real one - even though all the players on the opposing side drank with him down the pub and told the ref it was real LOL !

Anyway made me chuckle... hope others out there have my sense of humour :-D


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hahaha thats jokes

Should've been reffing the France Ireland match.

ha ha thats hilarious cant stop laughing!

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