Found 5th Dec 2007
What's the deal with these kind of sites. You know the ones I mean where it's something along the lines of 'Get X of your friends to sign up and we'll send you a free Nintendo Wii'
Are any of these actually legit?
And if they are surely you could just create a number of different e-mail addys, make up some fake house addresses and do the whole thing on your own?
Please enlighten me! :-D

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its not that easy. the offers you sign up to will cost you some way.

for example if you want nintendo wii you might have to get 20 people to sign up on £10 offers to make up the £200 is might cost.

another way of a pyramid scheme. basically you get your friends and family to pay for it.

something like that.

I have a friend who does this all the time, but many of the offers are limited to one per house hold.

The best i've seen is a wii for 8 credits. To get the credits you had to get 8 friends to signup for coral betting and spend a fiver. Just a shame none of my friends would do it for me because the all thought it was a scam
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