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Found 14th Dec 2014
Could anyone recommend any sleeping aids for a reflux baby? The only one I've heard of is cocoonababy. Many thanks in advance.
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The hospital told us to put a rolled up towel under the head of the mattress, it worked fine with the Gaviscon!
Sleepyhead, or it's cheaper version- poddlepod. Hope you find something that helps.
My youngest had reflux bad, even with the gaviscon and special baby milk.

There are feet you can buy which fit under the cot legs, to tilt the cot. There are also reflux foam wedges that fit under the moses basket or coat mattress . Google GERD etc or look on their uk forums, loads of great stuff.



A towel under the mattress will do for a while, but the foam wedge is more equally stable. There is also the wrap we had, thicker each side and fits over the mattress, i forget what its called now, I'll try and look.

Ours eventually grew out of it once on solids for a good few months, we weaned her early to help with the reflux in the end. It was hard work though.

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Sleepyhead is still flat so wouldn't serve the purpose for acid reflux surely? Raising the bed and putting a pillow to act as a wedge (to see if it works, didn't seem to do much) was wondering if a more contoured device would be better?!
We used the clevamama sleep positioned and it worked amazing for both our kids! highly recommend it! Also good for kids who are suffering from flat head syndrome you can get them in most baby stores or amazon for about £20
*positioner not positioned, stupid autocorrect
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