Reformatting a new Toshiba 1tb HDD - help please!

    I've bought a Toshiba 1tb HDD and when I plugged it in found it to be FAT32.

    I'm pretty computer illiterate but I remember reading that this format doesn't allow for files of DVD size.

    Please can someone tell me how to reformat the drive so it can hold decent sized files.



    if you are using windows, just highlight the HDD and right click, it will give an option to format, and you can choose to change it to NTFS


    If you have windows xp the following will sort it out for ya:

    Control Panel => Administrative Tools => Computer Management => Disk Management

    Right-click the disk in question, format - choose NTFS

    Job Done,


    Original Poster

    Many thanks jasper and pete, even I could cope with that!

    Rep added.
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