Refreshers...can I get a box of these?

Well, Chrimbo is almost round the corner...and, I'm needing to get another surprise gift for the girlfriend.
When we're down the sweets aisle of any supermarket, she always complains that she can't get find any of the old Refreshers sweets. You know, the circular ones? Not the chewy ones.

Looking on some websites, I can get a few separate tubes...but is there any website which would sell me a whole box? Even so, does anyone know of any places which sell the boxes of them?

I'm not interested in the four packs, but a huge box would keep her quiet for a long while

Any help would greatly be appreciated. They're her favourite sweets of all time, and this nice surprise for her would be great.


What about just going to your local costco or makro (if you're a member) - you'll save yourself a fortune compared to online costs.
I'm sure you know someone who's a member, if you're not ....

edit - or just ask at your sweetshop, I'm sure they'd get you a whole box and just add a little profit on top of hte cost price

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That's not a bad idea, a friend of mine can get his stuff from Makro.
It's just a matter of being able to find them there though, since they're so hard to get hold of.

Thanks for the tip anyway.

Or.........they do have them on that Loveheart.com where someone posted a 15% off code for the other day. They personalise the boxes as well!!!

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They've only got the chewy refreshers on Lovehearts.com, where I'm after the circular ones in the rolls.

Thanks anyway :]

I had a similar requirement and got help and a wholesale price from ]here.

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Awesome, if I don't find these any cheaper soon...I'll go for the box of 48.

Many thanks.
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