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Found 17th Jul 2008
reserved a z1080 from jessops to pick up today for £107 which was a good price last night.

went to get it today, and looked in the display cabinet and the shelf where the camera should have been was empty.

eager to get out of the shop we never checked the contents, cos we just presumed it would be new. Anyway got back home and found out it was an ex display camera also it came with no instructions.

i don't want the camera from there now because its £33 cheaper from pcworld. not been the most confident of people how do we go about getting a refund.

even if I say I want a refund because it came with no instructions, they may give us the instructions and we'll still be stook with the camera

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ask for a refund along the lines of bought as a gift not realising it was an ex display model without instructions assuming you didnt know it was ex display

you can take it back as long as it is how it was sold to you.

From the website

"If you exercise your right to cancel your order after the goods have been despatched, you will be responsible for returning the goods to Jessops at your own risk and cost, therefore, we strongly recommend you use an insured delivery method such as Royal Mail Special Delivery. All returns are subject to the following conditions, except where the goods are faulty or incorrectly described on this website.

The goods must be returned with all accessories, packaging, instructions, etc and must be in unused condition.
Digital products can only be accepted if the software is still sealed.
Must be, unopened, unused and in its full original re-saleable condition.
The product must be returned to us complete in its original and undamaged packaging together with all accessories and any other items included with it at time of sale (including free gifts).
A proof of purchase must be supplied.
We will not refund any items that have been specially made to your individual specification or personalised.
Where we have made a charge for postage, this will be deducted from your refund if the goods have been despatched to you (except within the first 14 days of receiving the order).
This offer does not apply to film, developing or printing services. "

I know that is online orders but the same will apply in store im sure!

Tell them the item was not as described, you were not aware it was an ex-display model and you did not expect it to be missing the instructions.


another quote "If your complaint relates to [email protected] orders please contact [email protected] customer services on 0845 408 5171 or email [email protected]."

Hope that helps you out.

If they offer you a set of instructions you can refuse as you were never aware of the camera being in a used condition and are not fully satisfied with your purchase and the terms with which you entered into contract.

Give the hotline a ring, dont go balls out talking about trading standards. Be polite, but firm, but POLITE. You will get so much further trust me. If they refuse, ask to speak to whoever is in charge, then ask for a head office number, just escalate it each time.

Hope it helps


Original Poster

thanks for the advice, i will ring them in the morning see if i can sort a refund out

Rather than ring, if it's not massively out of your way, I'd try and do it all face to face as I've found you tend to get a better response when you do things face to face.

I'd be asking for a refund along the lines of at no point were you told it was ex-display, had you have known this, you'd never have bought it as you wanted a new and sealed one. They are in the wrong selling you an incomplete ex-display item whilst effectively letting you believe it was brand new and unopened, like all purchases are supposed to be.

good luck :thumbsup:
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