Refund email after confirmed dispatch

Found 23rd Jan 2014
Hello everyone. Yesterday I was looking for an item online that has been discontinued, I found the item on amazon marketplace but wanted to keep looking for somewhere cheaper. I then came across the website of the people who where selling it through amazon, it was half the price through the website but was out of stock so I emailed the website to ask if they would be restocking (I hadn't properly thought about the fact it was discontinued at the time). I received an email the same day to say they only had one left and that I should get it from amazon ASAP, it was too expensive elsewhere so I went ahead and ordered it. This morning about 9am I received an email confirming dispatch so I thought great and went about my day. I then ordered two other items directly from their website and got an email confirming dispatch at 3pm but this evening at half past 5 I received another email confirming a refund for the item through amazon and that there was no stock. My question is has this happened to anyone else? Can they confirm dispatch then turn round 8 hours later (after having to go through their stock again to find my other items) to say sorry we never actually had it in stock?
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It could be they realised it was faulty as they were packaging. I wouldn't think too deeply.
This happened with me just after Christmas ordered fitflop boots at a reduced price, then got an email saying item was dispatched. I then received email saying that item was oos and would be given a refund. I complained to the seller who offered me a 20% discount of the same boots that were back at the higher price so they weren't out of stock. The firm was cloggs and I Will not be ordering from them again .
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