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Posted 26th Sep
Looking for advice as having a bit of a carry on with certain retailer.

I placed an order with JD sports near the start of the month. I got confirmation email & the money was taken from my account. After a week i'd heard nothing so contacted them. They advised there had been an issue with the order & it wasnt approved (despite the money being taken & confirmation email). I said if this is the case & order cancelled or not approved by their system surely there should be something in place that issues an automatic refund. He stated there usually is but somehow mine got missed & advised they would manually issue refund now which should reach my account in 3-5 working days. He said I could place a new order for the items as it was not an issue in relation to stock.
Stupidly I went ahead & placed a new order. I have now received this order & wish to return some of the items in that order however a invoice/delivery note/returns slip was NOT included in the package & this is required to be completed regardless of which method i chose to make a return.
I have also STILL not revived my refund back from the original order placed & it's been 7 days now. How do i go about actually getting this back (other that repeatedly phoning them)/

What do I do from here? Trying to contact them is nightmare.
I am within my consumer rights to make a return for items purchased online & it was their error a returns note wasnt included. I don't see why they can't just email me a copy.
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In terms of returns you need to follow their returns process, they should provide you with a returns label if one is needed. In terms of the original refund talk to your bank.
You lead a VERY complicated (or unlucky) life don't you, little_green.

Firstly, don't panic. Your initial refund could just be delayed. It will still happen - they can't refuse as you will have proof not only from your bank not receiving the funds and also their end will not show a payment being made. I don't think you really need to go down the "consumer rights" passage just yet!

As to your fresh order dilemma, have they actually refused to send you a returns label? Reading through your post, I cannot see where you have contacted them regarding this 'new' issue. I'm sure if you explain the situation, they will be able to rectify by sending (or as you say - emailing) a returns authorisation label or perhaps just give you a code to put in with the goods.

If and when you do return the items; even if free; still obtain a "proof of posting" receipt just in case it either goes awol or they try and say they didn't receive it.

Good luck and please keep us posted as to your progress or success.

Regards, Phsy.
If you’re having trouble contacting them, call them out on Twitter and deal via dm from there. As for the original refund, ring your bank, explain the situation and ask for a chargeback. Then never use them again.
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Same thing happened to me, didn't inform me for a week regarding order, went to shop to check, it had never arrived, and only issued refund after conversation on phone in shop, terrible customer service, and to be honest a lot of their stuff is way over priced with fake sales advertising...
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