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    Hi All
    I ordered, two weeks ago, a mattress from mattress24 believing the mattress would be delivered on a next day basis. It never did, not even 3 days later.
    In a nutshell, I ended up canceling the purchase hoping that my money would be refunded as they said, within 5 days. Well It has been over 2 weeks by now and no refund was made.
    It is worth noting that I made a purchase with a Credit Card.
    My question would be, Who can I report them to?



    What did they say when you refund them to ask why the refund has not been made?

    Original Poster

    Mostly excuses, such as there was a mix up, or we are going to do it today. The latest excuse was made few minutes ago, and they said the money was refunded yesterday!!

    too soon for the CC company anyway,think you have to wait 28 days at least

    the FBI, if they aren't interested then get the CIA on it.

    If no joy there but I think the CIA will jump at this case then only ring interpol as a last resort.

    Good luck.
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