Refunded Twice for the 1 Product

    I've seen countless threads on here about similar issues but I've never bothered to read them. Now I wish I had!

    I cancelled an order last month for a new phone contract and I've spent the last month trying to get my refund put through (long story). I got my refund through yesterday for it (eventually!), but I've just checked and I've received a second refund for the same amount.

    It is clearly a mistake but what should I do? Should I phone them to let them know, or wait for them to contact me? Only problem is I go on holiday on Monday for just over a week so if they try to contact me they won't be able to.


    personally i would just wait and see if they contact you ( probably will ) and then just 'act daft' lol and say you hadnt realised , but you never know it may be overlooked and you get lucky !

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    I doubt it as its for £205

    What is the purpose of this thread?

    if they ask for money back tell em you spent it on hloiday


    they will probably notice when they reconcile their accounts and just deduct it back again.


    the thread should be entitled

    Am I honest or dishonest?
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