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    Has anyone had any experience of buying a refurbed lappy from Bigpockets? We're looking for a cheap-ish, i.e. sub £200, lappy for our eldest son. Doesn't need to be anything too high-spec as he'll just use it for browsing, MSN, Youtube, bit of school work.
    Any of these worth a punt?…227



    there are some HP nc2400 on ebay, 12" widescreen and still with original warranty left on them, seen them go for under £200.

    bought a 12in lap top ,reconditioned from big pockets and it works brilliant cost £189

    Anyone know if BIGPOCKETS is still in busuness?
    Site always down & no response from company, sent tickets for info - many weeks now.

    Went into liquidation almost 2 years ago.



    Went into liquidation almost 2 years ago.

    used to like this shop. remember the bag o c***?
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