Refurb mobile phones- Any good???

Found 3rd Apr 2008
Hi, what are peoples opinions of refurbished phones. Are they any good and do they have a good warranty?

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Just potluck really.
i ve used a few refurbished mobiles and 99.9% of the time, they all turned out fine. i actually have one that i use on and off in the last few months. i ve hd the phone for about 3 years now. its a nokia got it from virgin, i have no problem buying a refurb phone as long as there is a significant diff in the price, that said, you might just happen to be unlucky with the one you buy.
I have had lots of bad luck with refurb gear in general, would advise you to stay away based on my own experiences.
I've bought quite a few refurbished mobiles, and they are exactly the same as new. Screen cover and all. They're fine.
Depends on what network, i personally think virgin mobile refurbs have been pretty much as new, couldn't find a fault!
Basicallly every network except 3 for refurbs is great i know quite a few people who have had problems with 3 refurbs.
I try and get refurbs now - they have always come unlocked and as new - for me anyway!

Got a refurb DAB pure one radio as well and it was as new!
I had a very bad buy from esave last year. To describe the phones as refurbished is, in itself, very misleading. The mobile was very well used with heavy scratching and denting; in truly awful condition and, additionally, essential accessories were missing from the nasty white box. For £15 more I could have bought a brand new model at the time. There are so many good deals for new phones that the risk of disappointment to save 'a few quid' is simply too great. I shall certainly avoid these used, aka refurbished, offers in the future - a veritable false economy.
ive had good expieience with them so far, i only bought one so far. It was a d500 which i got for £59 new, bargain at the time, looked excellent no scratches, screen protecter, im guessing they changed the case of it to give it a newer look, it turned up in a blank simple box with no writing or anything. I got it on orange. I wouldnt mind goin with refurbs again as i did save a bit of money
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