Refurb mobile phones from Curry's eBay

Found 24th Jan 2016
Does anyone have any experience in buying refurbished mobile phones from the Currys/PC World eBay site? They seem to have a few good deals on there occasionally. Where are the phones sourced from? Are the returns or trade-ins/recycled phones?

Those who have purchased from them, what were your opinions on a grade A handset?

Thanks in advance for any responses.
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Grade A is top class, somebody probably bought it and just didn't like it. I've bought a grade B computer from a similar site and had it for years.
One thing to remember is you can't get insurance if they are not bought "new"... I learned the hard way...
Yeah, as mentioned above, grade A is pretty much, just taken out the box, used for a day, didn't like it etc.
Got an s4 last year from them.
Great condition cosmetically, problem is it didn't actually work.
When I complained they did offer a partial refund /discount if I wanted to keep it.
Return was no hassle either.
Received crack on the phone. But they refunded
Cheers for your comments!
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