Refurbed Lenovo Thinkpad X201 or X230?

In the market for a cheap laptop.

Primary use will be programming using Atom editor or Sublime text. Need to run Laravel Homestead via Vagrant/Virtualbox. OS wise I will be looking to chuck Ubuntu Gnome or similar on it.

I've seen X201 for about £100 and X230 for about £185 both upgradeable to 120GB SSD for £30 and both come with 4GB ram (upgradable to 16?). Currently running a Lenovo 3000 N200 which doesn't seem to want to play ball with Homestead.

Is the performance gain worth the xtra ££?

Thank you for any useful advice.

5 Comments…03A to make the decision even harder...

I'd go X230 (X220 if possible). The 1st-gen i5 CPUs run way hotter and are quite a bit slower - my i3 2330M laptop was faster than my i5 560M laptop, for example. Also, the X230 can take a X220 keyboard (much nicer)


I recently posted a deal from a refurbisher in Manchester. They've got X201 and X230S but not on sale. Looks like full price:…tml

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Thanks for the replies. I am hoping to find out about the virtualisation side of things, is the performance gain really that big from x201 to x230?

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Well, I bit the bullet and have purchased what looks like a mint x230 on ebay. I decided to opt for the x230 as it has the IPS panel, space for SSD and installed drive, plus this one looks like new. Now to source an SSD and some extra ram.

Will see what it is like when it gets here!

Thanks both for the replies.

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It arrived. Immaculate. Battery has only had 141 cycles and it was manufactured in March 2013 and first used July 2013. Going to put Linux on it and have a play.

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