Refurbished coffee machine from delonghi eBay

Posted 17th Jan
Anyone ordered a refurbished machine from delonghi eBay site? Thinking of buying a ECAM23.460 but not sure if it's worth paying for a new one?
Also... When u get water for it, is it worth using a brita filter or using bottled water?
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Yes I have a magnifica 3000, got it for about £150 when they were running a £20 off £100 promo. It's fantastic, save a tenner at least each week on coffee shops, great quality coffee, choose my own beans and really easy to use. I also sold my old Nespresso machine for £70! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and you get a 1 year warranty.
We have a Krups bean to cup and just use tap water in it - no problem . Just refresh any that as been standing in the tank over night. Our fridge does filtered water and have used this on occasion but didn't notice any real flavour difference.
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Ah okay. The waters really hard in our area so was hoping a brita filter would be fine
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