Refurbished IPhones ..... Any suggestions

Found 24th Oct 2017
Trawling the internet but overwhelmed by the amount of sites. Would like to narrow it down a little
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Word of advice, dont go third party unless they offer a really good warranty including the battery.
Which handset.....?
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iPhone 6 Plus
Yes, Definitely! I recommend Music Magpie, Refurbished phones at such decent prices, Got my Iphone SE there works perfectly, looks brand new, came with box, charging lead but I don’t think an adapter but oh well, comes with a few extras too like a screen cleaner
O2 refresh refurb deals new SE £120 a few months ago and 7 for £267 with 11.5 months of apple warranty left. Got to keep an eye out for stock.
avrilcampbell5 h, 2 m ago

iPhone 6 Plus

Might be worth checking your local CEX?

Wont be refurb but you might get a Grade A if its within budget (?) or if they have one local you may be happy with a Grade B once you see it first hand.

24 month warranty from CEX.

Beware as a lot of online sellers advertise handsets as 'refurbished' when they haven't done a thing to them, they've simply classed the condition A,B,C and so on.
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Thank you all for your advice extremely helpful. Will keep an eye out 👌
Cex offer a 2 year warranty so that might be a good place to look for one.
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