Found 6th Aug 2016
The wife's LG G3 is knackering up so I'm after a refurbished mobile to replace it. Which are the better sites to use and how good are grade A, B, C etc? Are they hit and miss with different companies or a consistent standard? Got around £150 to spend. Saw a HTC one M8 on music magpie eBay for £125 in "very good condition", is this any good?
Thanks for any help


Grading on any redurb item is all down to the person who grades it, I've known people to buy an a grade item only to find batteries faulty, scratches etc, but then other have b grade and it's pristine condition, just buy what you want as if it doesn't fit the condition advertised then you have the right to send it back

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Cheers, that's answered for me, how do I select question answered?

With CEX and alike you can at least look at them. warehouse blackberry priv refurbished dirty box otherwise great
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