Refurbished PC's?

Does anyone know any good places to buy second hard or refurbished business computers for cheap?



I have 2 … I have 2 here:

Is that cheap?


You can get that sort of spec off freecycle

Same applies to the sort of tat you are selling...…233

Went well on here though didn't it! No offers I believe!

If you did manage to sell it you could have purchased a life you so desperately require!!!


So mine didn't sell with no offers, not surprising really lots of things … So mine didn't sell with no offers, not surprising really lots of things here don'tBut yours had a very generous offer and you turned it down X)If your company is doing so badly you need to hold out for an extra £10 it looks like your the one who can't afford a life X)


Yes mate, we are doing so badly we have just upgraded our machines.
I think we have both threadspoiled enough now so I will leave it there.

Original Poster

lol it's amazing what people will argue about:

1) I will be needing a lot more than 1 or 2
2) It's pc's I was after not laptops
3) The spec of the one liked to was too low and price too high.

I did find a good supplier of some decent refurbished kit so no worries anyway

What is your budget>?
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