Refuse Delivery is Safe?

Posted 27th Apr 2023
Cancelling order is to late so wondering if Refusing delivery is best and safest option? Do you take photos, ask the driver for his name,etc? The delivery is via DPD. But same question applies any companies or previous experience on matter...Thanks.
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    If you refuse a delivery. DPD Will mark it as refused and return to sender. Usually takes a couple of days but there's no guarantee nor tracking of this.

    The important point is that your contract is with the retailler, and if the item was never delivered to you you should be entitled to your money back and if it's gone missing that's between the seller and courier to work out.

    If you have something of higher value and want to do it the correct way, accepting it then getting a proper returns label with a paper trail showing your intentions to return an item for a refund, and full tracking of the item back to the sender is the way to go imo.
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    Good advice. I dont have lot of time at moment so refusing delivery is prerred. Obviously wanting to cover my backend. My only concern is whether the courier can be trusted to mark delivery as "Refused". Since pandemic so many scams.
    Why i was looking at current times of 2023 and whether people have had actual experience of refusing deliveries with out problems via different companies... (edited)
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    You just tell the DPD driver it's no longer required and he takes it back. No signing , no photos, no paperwork. I've done it a couple of times with DPD and Amazon, never had a problem, far easier than taking the parcel and sorting out a return.
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    Im wondering about DPD & other companies like Very, Game, ect. Amazon is usually really good because they actually cover cost of returns. Might be different for other companies whose right to refuse delivery is not listed in their policies at ALL
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    I have refused a oven from AO ..

    when the driver came, I just said, I cancelled the order, and AO told me to refuse delivery ..

    the refund went through quickly, I just can’t remember the exact timeframe, sorry
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    I refused a mobile phone from DPD, was sent back with no issues. No photos, signing anything, etc...
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    It depends some companies require you to raise a return request so you might not get a refund by just refusing to accept the delivered parcel
  6. newbie68's avatar
    If a high value item I wouldn't be taking the risk. I would prefer the returns process in my own hands for an evidence trail. Otherwise, I would be happy to refuse
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    If the driver has taken a picture of it at your door, then you say you refuse it?
    Hmm....that seems like a tricky refund journey.
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    The only time I have issues is when they scan before knocking and don't fix it. I would only feel comfortable refusing an expensive item if it was done before a delivery attempt via phone or similar.
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    I thought this post was about a dangerous bin man!
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    My bin men are actually crazy. I tell my the children that they will be taken away in rubbish if they dont recycle
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    Yes they usually scan it as refused then it should just go back to sender probably take a day or two if its UK. Just say you want to refuse it and ask the driver if you can.
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    Have you had actual experience of doing this? I know what to do in principle but when reading DPD actual website on Rules and prodcedure,there is nothing!
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    Amazon recommends refusal if its system is unable to cancel delivery prior to doorstep.

    Overall generally safe but would only consider refusal if the sender has contracted the courier.
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    If its Ebay I think it counts as delivered if you refuse delivery
  13. jon81uk's avatar
    I would contact the seller too so they know to expect it back and tell then you want to cancel.
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    If the driver decides to steal and says it's delivered would worry me.

    So I guess I wouldn't risk high value stuff and may try on lower priced goods if needed.
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    Yeah usually you can refuse at the door and it gets sent back. The only issue is that nowadays, due to the leftover covid measures, they just ring the doorbell and leave the package on the floor and drive off before you can even open the door.
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