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Found 26th Jan
hi there. I switched energy supply using energylinx website and have used them in the past a few times and always got the cashback this time they refused the cashback in a email they said they have refused as I have used a different cashback site. As this information was incorrect I rang them up and they told me I hadn't use energylinx cashback site to do the transfer I said I never have used a different site I just use the one and the woman being very rude was saying yes we have 2 site's and it's not our job to tell people about the cashback site they need find it themselves is there any truth in this or are they just making things up.

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it is all to do with your browser cookies, if you used another comparison site in the past even if you didn't proceed with order it can mess it up

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they basically have 2 sites but I never really used there cashback site before but just the regular site and got payed back not sure if they have just made this up and stuck in the terms and conditions from 2009 as I have seen these last year and this part wasn't on there. is there anyway to verify if that's correct.…htm
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