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Found 10th Nov 2017
Hi just joined wondered if local airports eg Wales/south west get the bargains or only larger regions ? Thanks in adv
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What kind of bargains are you thinking of? My first thought would be that flybe are based in Exeter aren't they? If there are bargains that might be a place to start looking. I live not far from Leeds Bradford airport and I know jet2 flights and holidays from there are often as cheap or cheaper than from Manchester because it is their home base
Generally, you pay more from the smaller airports because the operation is more expensive to run for the airline. Again, generally, you will find cheaper flights/hols at Gatwick, Manchester or glasgow because the competition is most fierce here. That said, if you keep monitoring deals online, they do come up. For the Southwest, Exeter and Cardiff are your most expensive options, but Bristol is incredibly busy for a regional airport, has Easyjet to keep the prices keen, so is likely to be your best bet for a bargain. Personally, I'd happily pay a bit extra to fly from cardiff as it is so small and uncrowded, walk 5 mins from carpark to terminal, rather than face the madness of a busy Bristol.
If you want cheap, look at the hellhole that is Gatwick.
If you want quicker & easier, look at regional airports.
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