Register a bike with BikeRegister and get 1 month free Cycleplan insurance

Posted 29th Sep
I was just registering my bike with this website (a national bike register) because I happen to live in the second worst town for bike thefts in the country and have had one stolen, and one harvested for parts.

Anyway, at the end of the whole thing, it said thanks for register and you could now claim your free 4 weeks of cycleplan insurance !! Pretty cool I thought. I haven't seen this mentioned before or if it has .. it might be worth mentioning again.

I'm planning to cycle to work tomorrow, and yeah I worry about my bike being nicked. Having it on the register makes me feel a little better, but having free insurance makes me not too worried now!!

Insurance documents / certificate will be emailed to you instantly and the policy does not auto-renew (no payment details are taken from you anyway, if you want it to continue, you have to sign up with them afterwards and they offer you 20% off when you do.)

Happy cycling.
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