register charging order with land registery

Found 21st Jul 2011
Hi, I recently got a final charging order from a small claims court.

I now need to register it with land registery, but stuck as to which form I need to fill in.

There are two owners of the property.

Please can someone help as to which is the form or best form to fill in to submit to land registery.
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Probably going to be either an AP1 to seek entry of a notice on the register of the charging order or a UN1

AN1 or RX1 are probably no good as the person you need to register against will not agree to the entry on the register
Hi flexing. Just to be clear, you currently have your "Interim Charging Order" registered with the Land Registry? If so, the form that you need will be an AN1. The form is an application to enter an agreed notice. This must be sent to the Land Registry with their current fee which I believe is £50. It may have recently increased but you ought to check.

Complete all the details but make sure that you enclose a copy of the Interim Charging Order and a certified copy of one. Set out the date of this document at Section 8. Then you must complete Section 9 (D) as you are using the Interim Charging Order in support of your application for a final charging order.
Hi, no I didn't register the interim charing order, as it was a very detailed case and he went bankrupt. My funds were tight and thought I wouldn't get the charging order, so I took a risk not to register, nonetheless, I have the final charging order now so need to register. So do people suggest its AP1?
Is the property owned by one person or two?

If its one person and the claim is solely against them do a UN1.

If its two people and the claim is only against one of them you will be better off using an RX1 to enter a restriction in standard form K
There's two owners
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