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Found 16th Nov 2009
I need to find a Reindeer Dressing Up outfit for my son aged 6. What do I do now there is no Woolworths around! They always sold loads of different outfits at this time of year.

I've had a look online and most of the outfits look quite rubbish to be honest. Just wondered if anyone had seen one around recently in Tescos or Sainsburys or a high street shop?

Help would be most appreciated.


Asda and early learning do them now.

I am sure that I saw one in Marks and Spencers too! Hope you find one!

Is it fo rthe school play? if he dressed in brown top / trousers & just had antlers & maybe red nose? Wilko / Home Bargains do the antler sets...

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I didn't see that when I searched their website, but think its quite furry and I think too hot for the play. Thanks for the help though its the type of thing I'm looking for.

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Asda and early learning do them now.

I'll check Asda out.
I've looked on ELC, but they haven't got one. Won't they be too small anyway most of them are aged 4 and my 6 year old is more of a size 7!

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I am sure that I saw one in Marks and Spencers too! Hope you find one!

Yeah they've got a little kiddies one, not for an older boy though. I hope I find one too. He missed out last December as he was unwell so he's really excited about this year, so I need to deliver the goods and sewing really is not my thing!

If you have a Home Bargains near you try there.

we have stuff in p1 from last year when the kids dressed up and some were reindeers but not sure if we would have a spare one as such as we keep the same stuff year after year and do what we can to reuse them but i will check and you never know we might be able to spare a reindeer but maybe add an extra fairy or elf into the play! lol

Tesco had a load of costumes reduced?
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